Project Update

Quest Posties v1.01

The day is finally dawning. As of April 15th, the VILLAGE / VECTORANCE platform is launched in Offline Beta mode and ready for testing!

What we are working with at this stage is a Quest (postie) system which simulates the mechanics of what will ultimately be a data-rich online environment of open-source collaboration and exchange. To demonstrate, we’ve set our intentions on rebuilding the CSE FREE STORE! What better way to inaugurate a new model for moneyless economy than by constructing a fresh community giving space??



What is VILLAGE? In a few words (or so):

VILLAGE is a GAME—a real-life role playing game and prototype strategy for gift-economy that is scalable and robust.

VILLAGE offers a set of tools for igniting grassroots-scale Contributionism, by facilitating the coordination of human BEing and DOing toward a world which works for 100% of its People.

VILLAGE establishes a new, expressive, gratitude-based, social resonance economy for the Information Age, where networks of mutual aid emerge from the voluntary contributions of our natural passions and skills. In short, it’s an organized interdependence movement based on open-source principles dedicated to local resource autonomy and free Value association.

VILLAGE LAUNCH Presentation Snapshot

To play, we begin by focusing our intent through what is called a Quest—that creative vision which calls for a collaboration to benefit the community. This opens space for giving and receiving by defining with specificity what Roles, Contributions, and Resources are required in manifesting the creation. Throughout the work, our swarm of collaborators is coordinated for optimal results in achieving the goal. And finally, upon completion, gratitude indicates acceptance of Value exchanged and becomes part of a public record of accomplishment where perspective is honored, context is preserved, and trustability is self-evident.

VILLAGE brings us out of the limited-liability, extractive and coercive central banking ponzi scheme, into a lateral landscape of full accountability, full transparency, and full personal liability among free and equal sovereign beings of co-Creation.

In VILLAGE, YOU are the Value, YOU are the Bank, and not only is your ability to issue gratitude from the ever-abundant internal zero-point of the heartspace unlimited in quantity, but also in quality. Your perceptions of Value become your expressions of Value, which are faithfully deposited in your community’s People and Resources. So let’s make everything FREE by GIVING it all we’ve got! World Game ONE is on.

Old CSE FREE Store  Can’t wait to see this beauty all fixed up and operating for the benefit of a whole neighborhood!

twitter 3d data visualization  //  by

twitter 3d data visualization // by (

In these early stages, as we are beginning to explore potential pilot projects for demonstrating the concept of a gratitude currency and a social-action gift economy, we are presented a challenge—how do we best go about mapping by hand one of these so-called Quests?

Because each Quest is likely to combine a variety of interrelated, interdependent offers AND needs, and be fulfilled by multiple participants in dynamic roles of giving AND receiving, a suitable visual format must be able to communicate layers within layers. Gantt charts, tree structures, bubble maps, different data diagrams all came up, but I think the best approach resembles something between a file system tree and database schema.

Village Quest data diagram

Village Quest data diagram

As one can see (hopefully haha), we have a root level connecting multiple sub-levels increasingly detailing each aspect of focus using single or double-word strings. The elements at the root represent some basic types of value recognition, types which can be found at any level, any time.

This structure may produce a lot of apparent mirroring/redundancy, with tasks, roles, requests, resources all having their own ‘module’ yet, categorically speaking, could be consolidated. However, it is not necessarily meant to be organized categorically, but rather in self-contained sub-Quests for individual or group completion. “Many hands make light work,” and breaking down the big picture into many easily-digestible pieces makes for more efficient distribution, and perhaps even a higher probability for completion.

In the coming days, we will be drawing up plans for a tangible project to be completed right in our own front yard. Once enacted, and many people get the gist of how to conduct the exchange, the model will be able to spread on its own, spurring the creation of elaborate data relationships of interconnecting community systems. Call in the database programmers !!

Example of a database schema // via BeezNest (

Example of a database schema // via BeezNest (

What Exactly Is This Thing, Anyway?

“OK, so check it out,” I have this working concept for an alternative economy built on people-powered resource networks, collectively operating as one big gift circle kaleidoscope. The idea is to open-source our creative visions, to put forth and contextualize our needs and offers, no matter how big or small, routine or bizarre, and allow transparency to open gateways of giving/receiving which align with our chosen skills and passions. Sharing information in such a way will lead to better-informed, better- connected communities aware of the real deficits and surpluses of real people, and vitalize collaborative social action toward getting All The Things done, seeing that all needs are met to the best of our ability.

In lieu of “spendable” currency, which tends to perpetuate scarcity and separation, the capital in Village is essentially a social one, honoring participation, transparency, and trust, with profiles reflecting the actual nature and amount of our contributions. Value here is measured in a way that is analogous to the acceptance of gratitude, naturally given as significant informational feedback on quality, character, context, purpose, relation, etc. One can think of it like a public appreciation ledger and data investment bank doubly serving its users with living resumés and inventories linked together via a kind of gamified stats engine.

It all starts with a Quest, where a proposed (or existing) creation is deconstructed to its most valuable and identifying attributes, including actionable tasks and all the requisite resources to bring it forward. These aspects highlight point-for-point pertinent and worthwhile nominations for what it is you would like there to BE, and how in particular you would like to DO. Then the Quest is published, making the vision accessible to helping hands as well as to those in need, enabling a flexible exchange where all participate voluntarily and all roles are recognized.

We The People are more than capable of deciding for ourselves what is the most meaningful work to be done, and once empowered to freely associate value, only really need an effective method for positive social organizing. Money may still be part of the equation for fulfilling some Quests, but the aim of the Village platform is to circumvent it wherever possible, in favor of a coordinated interdependence movement toward local resource autonomy.

Sounds Great, But Is It Really Real?

– … and like, –

How Do I Get Involved?

Village has reached the height of an early conceptual stage and now seeks opportunities to experiment and demonstrate its functionality. One of the ways we can kick it off is by initiating a small number of pilot projects which will bring people together and produce a direct, visible, and tangible benefit to communities here in Portland, OR, starting at the Guildhall of Community Supported Everything on NE Alberta St, and working out through its extended network of positive change-makers.

The effort will at first be coordinated by word of mouth and aided by various online social networks, while research is conducted into developing an open-source software platform capable of accommodating advanced database management, points distribution, interactive social networking features, community pages, project pages, and so on. There is also the possibility for a crypto-currency to be linked in with the exchange system, but until proof of concept is confirmed, it will all be by hand and very local!

To get involved, keep your eyes on Community Supported Everything, where open project collaboration opportunities, events, and resources will be appearing. If you have a project of your own that you would like to be supported in through our community, explore the following prompts:

“What do I really want?” Describe a creative vision of your own—a project you would like to begin or participate in, possibly something for which you lack the proper resources or connections. This can be an offer or an ask, or a combination of both. A Quest!

“What are the benefits?” In no uncertain terms, describe what value you believe is being offered in this vision, to the benefit of your community and to yourself. Observable, tangible, energetic attributes–all are relevant. In the process, highlight which points of focus work as searchable/linkable/thankable terms, 1-2 words each. Organize into subcategories wherever more detail is appropriate!

“How can others help?” Since most offers will require certain needs to be met, provide a similar breakdown of the required resources, services, and identifying elements which will most effectively enable your offers. Again, organize into subcategories where clarification is appropriate.

**It may help to think visually – I find a tree structure or bubble map to work well, using 1-2 word tags**

More to come!