Vectorance Prose — The Abstract Energetics of a Universal Exchange

The idea for Vectorance came to me quite late in the night, sometime out-of-time, likely into the early morning of the 5th of this month, November 2013. It happened to be during a Mercury Retrograde, and followed a rather potent New Moon/Solar Eclipse weekend. These influences no doubt allowed space for some “out of the box thinking,” and actually the feeling was more like a flood of new energy–I could barely write fast enough!

I had begun my pondering of a value exchange where I had a couple times before, thinking of currency in the fashion of a LETS or similar mutual credit clearing system where “a group of traders, each of whom is both a buyer and a seller, agree to allocate to one another sufficient credit to facilitate their transactions among one another.” In these systems, accounts can run negative from a starting balance of zero, which I’ve always liked, meaning the “lending” occurs on a P2P basis, and the risks are absorbed without interest by the whole community.

But I knew a completely new-paradigm value system would have to be much more than this. We, as BEings of Eternal Essence IN-body, living in an abundant, conscious, loving Universe, ARE the Value, each the creditor, and the bank, and no single dollar amount can quantify that. Currency has always been about the energetics, the cooperation of a people, the relationships, the gratitude, and the trust; “money,” as it has been thrust upon us, works only in the vibration of scarcity, lack, and fear.

And so “money” is precisely what we intend to leave behind.

Currency is a stream of Energy which seeks to flow.

Massive Energy Potential wishes to become Kinetic at this NOW moment.

And `I` IS the gate, like a river dam.

When Energy is received (formerly known as “consumed”) and encounters the Choice of `I` (dam), `I` chooses to either store this as Potential or release. The present “financial” (finite) system says we must “spend” (subtract from our Value) in order to receive. But this IS NOT true.

There IS NO subtraction. There IS only relation. Ratios of input/output between inbodyments.

Energy we release (give) becomes Kinetic, and originates from an Infinite Source (Creator) that does not diminish. It IS a currency of Gratitude and its transfer IS a Deposit of Value—DOV—an energetic investment in another inbodyment. There IS no limit to the deposited amount, and it can be any number of relative perceived significance, indicative of personal meaning. There IS NO subtraction in giving, just as there IS NO subtraction in receiving.


Gratitude, energetic Deposits of Value (DOV), are NOT susceptible to Domination & Control because it is impossible to “profit”. It can NOT BE taken—only given and accepted. Value is recognition of Quality of connection therefore, of uniqueness of exchange, and of content IN context. Quantity-seeking, while still a free-will Choice, becomes a fool’s quest, because the only game in town truly IS Abundance.

Stay tuned !

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